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Replacement Fiber Optics For Bow Sights

This great product is a replacement fiber optics for bow sights. It is 1 foot. 019 dia. And will fit onto any bow sight. It is made from tough and durable materials. This product is a great addition to your groceries or your home decor.

Replacement Fiber Optics For Bow Sights Ebay

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Replacement Fiber Optics For Bow Sights Walmart

This is a replacement fiber optics for the toxonics 5 pin sights. It is attached wrap-around the front of the sights with a 5 pin screw. The fiber optics are also attached with a cameos for extra stability. this is a great opportunity to purchase replacement fiber optics for your bow sights. We have a large variety of fiber optics for your convenience. This group offers a. 019 dia. For archery bow gun sights 1st class. the 12 piece fiber optics set is designed to match the correct type of bow sights. Each piece is 12. 7 mm in diameter and has a 0. 019 inch diameter for a tight fit. The set also includes a washer and lip for a tight seal. This set will cover up to 12 sights. this fiber optic replacement for bows sights is 2 x 12 in size. It is made of high quality material and will provide perfect sights for your device. It is perfect for use in tight spaces or in cases where other types of optics cannot be used.