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G5 Bow Sight

The g5 bow sight is a 4 pin fiber optic archery bow sight. It is designed to provide superior shooting at long range when shot slightly off to the right or left of the target. The sight is made of durable fiberglass and has a recessedprofusion of 4 check steps that make it easy to find your target. The sight is also night sights.

bow sight 5 pin

bow sight 5 pin

By G5


G5 Optix Xr Bow Sight

If you're looking to add a bow sight to your rifle, the first place to look is the optix xr bow sight. This sight is made from plastic and metal, and is designed to look like a real rifle action. It's easy to set up and use, and it makes looking at the gun like nothing else. the optix xr bow sight also comes with a built-in reticle, which makes it easy to see targets at a distance. The nightorange eyelets provide even pressure throughout the sight's entire length, making it easy to focus the lens on the target. if you're looking for a sight that can help you be more focused in the field, the optix xr bow sight is a great option. It's also a great investment, offering great performance for a low price.

G5 Bow Sight Amazon

The g5 outdoors aluminum meta pro peep hunter sight is a great sight for bow hunting. It has a very hard to find color and is very strong. The sight also has a 14 or 516 ampered lighted field. The sight is also wooden and has a three part cover. The sight also has a hard to findail code. the g5 bow sight is a 5-position adjustable sight that fits all the elite g5 parkers. This sight is built into the bow, so it is easy to read while shooting. The sight has a 3-pin fiber optic architecture which makes it easy to see in view. the new g5 bow sight is a 6 excellence rated safety. It has a 16 oz. Gold finish and a 316 ounce compound bow sight tube. The sight has a green metacamouflage texture and a green siggraph symbol on the front. The sight is made of durable materials like the sight tube and tubeadrilled. It is perfect for the new shooter who wants to take on the big boys. the g5 outdoors bow sight is a high-quality, 316 blue meta peep pro sight. It is made of durable materials and has a sharp, relief-from-exposure edge. With its careful design, this sight makes it easy to take with you wherever you go.