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Fixed Pin Bow Sight

This is a new line of bow sights that is 1, 5 inches wide and provides a Fixed Pin and 0. 019 adjustable arrow, it is designed to be used with a variety of single Pin bow sights and compound bow sights. This bow Sight is an unequaled substitute for use with 3 or 4 archers.

Fixed Pin Bow Sights

The cbe-tcm-5-rh is a tactic micro 5-pin 0, 019 bow sight. It is a Fixed Pin bow Sight that is designed to provide better precision at a fraction of the cost of traditional bows, to adjust bow sights, follow these steps: 1. Remove the bow Sight from the bow tube, place the sights on the inch-sized hole in the sight, then press down on the Sight to take it off. Place the sights back on the bow tube and press down on them to take them off, reattach the bow Sight to the bow tube. Remove the catch from the bow Sight and reattach it to the bow tube, reattach the catch from the other side of the hole in the sight. This is a beautiful bow sights from copper john rut! The compound sights are black and the Pin is 3/4" compounds, it is very well made and looks great. Great for a ready-made gun! This is a new bow Sight made it is an 5-pin bridge-lock sights and it is black, it is fabricated to look like a bow Sight with the new mathews name on the right hand sight. The Sight is manufactured for american-made rifles and pistols, this is an unrivaled Sight for right-hand shooters.