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Bow Sight Extension

This extension includes two adjustable bracket systems to keep your bow sight in place while you're clicking release. The first system lets you set the brackets in place with a standard rivet, while the second system uses a catch to keep the brackets in place. This extension also includes an included bracket for your camera or other equipment, so you can take pictures and record your shots while you're selling your purchase.

Best Bow Sight Extension

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Cheap Bow Sight Extension

This 18"x14"x1"x5" combo bow sight is a great addition to your rifle to increase the reach of your shooting. The cartoon character al capone is on top of the bow, with a focus on the line of fire. This sight also has a "aluminum" finish that bonds to the metal and provides a stronger visual identification. The sight also has a magpulesque moa reticle that is target specific and has a slightly different design than most sights do. this product includes an adjustable quiver bracket extension for the haribo bow sling. It allows for added adjustability andtournament potential in addition to the promotional value of a bow sight. Made from high-quality materials, the hha-qbr is a great addition to anybow sight collection. the vintage cobra centurion bow sight field target set new old stock c-160 176. Is a great way to add avenge or for show to your shooting snohomish washington shooting range. This new stock c-160 178. Is made to the correct length and weight for the older models of the c-160, and has a vintage cobra graphics sight system. It is set at $129. the bow sight extension is a durable recurve bow sight that is 8 colours 9 extension adjustable lightweight. This sight can be attached to a bow using the regular0200 threads or by an adjustable light weight system. The sight has a high quality look and feel.